domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2009

Nearer, better

Even in our world, surrounded by dangers
Surrounded by eyes that should see us
crucify us.
we exchange our eyes full of content
full of love
full of longing for freedom
despite being so close to each other
we are still stuck in reality
a reality that makes everything more fun.
but fun.
when you blink your eye for me
when we exchanged a caring
even when everything indicates that it is impossible
is why we are so
so close
so complicit
so sure of ourselves
are reckless, because even before the danger of being discovered
We insist on our record
We are reckless, we do first, think later
We are serious, we can deny everything without the slightest compassion
And above all we are one
We know what others think, we know what to say, we know how to talk
And the more time passes, we Nearest

2 comentários:

  1. amor e perigo as vezes dão a graça a nossa vida, quando os dois caminham juntos então né!?
    se superando a cada dia que passa, acho que é o amor..ou que sabe o perigo de amar? rs